Need a Professional Editing & Proofreading Service to Help Make a Positive First Impression?

Clear, engaging, error-free writing will help your business make a positive first impression.

And we all know how important first impressions are, right?






If you're like most people, editing or proofreading what you've written can be hard. Often, no matter how many times you read the text, simple errors or opportunities for improvement can be missed. 

It's easy to do. 

But if left unresolved, these can detract from your communication's key messages. Worse still, they could damage your brand and the reputation you've worked so hard for.

And if proofreading's not your greatest skill, chances are your editing will get pushed further and further down your to-do list. 

That's where Creative Copy Co. can help!

We'll help you fine-tune your communication by removing errors, trimming the fat, and removing the fluff so that it's clear, concise, and engaging for readers. 

Ready to get started and be on the way to achieving your business goals?

Our Approach to Editing & Proofreading

Structural Editing

If you're concerned your communication isn't quite hitting the mark, then structural editing is a great option. 


We'll start by chatting about your target audience, and the communication's objective. We'll then review and edit your writing, so that the language, content, and structure reflect your goals, as well as meeting your audience's needs.


We also copy edit and proofread your communication to ensure it's error-free, concise, and consistent. 

Copy Editing

Perfect for when you want to improve the clarity, consistency, and quality of your communication. Many small businesses opt for copy editing when their budget doesn't stretch to a full copywriting or business writing service.

When we copy edit a communication, we look at the following:

  • Tone and style.

  • Order of topics.

  • Use of headings and lists.

  • Paragraph sentence length.

  • Flow and consistency.

We find ways to simplify the language, and remove excess words; complex and unnecessarily long copy or content will only confuse and bore your readers.


Proofreading ensures your communication looks, and sounds, professional. This is the "quality control" stage of the writing process and is the last chance to fix any spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors which could cause embarrassment. 

As well as checking for, and rectifying any errors, we check your writing for:

  • Consistency of terminology.

  • Consistent use of fonts and styles.

  • Page numbering, headings, footers, references, etc.

Need Another Service?

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Need a professional editing and proofreading service to polish and perfect your copywriting or business writing?